We had a fellow in camp a few weeks ago and despite the great fishing by all the other guests he was down on his luck. Even though he missed a few good chances on some nice salmon it did not seem to help his mood. After a few more frustrating days he decided to rename one of our best pools Purgatory Pool stating “another tough session in Purgatory Pool.” After leaving the lodge I was delighted to talk to the gentleman on the phone and he told me that he had landed a 10 and 22 lb salmon that morning, and where…Purgatory Pool. The unlucky salmon fisherman managed to finish the week with a 9, 10, 12, 22 and 24 lb. Atlantic salmon, not so bad for a week that started off slow. Let this be a lesson to all of us who love Atlantic salmon fishing. It’s not just the catching that we enjoy, but being in a place so beautiful and unspoiled that allows these magnificent fish to survive. Let’s enjoy sharing this harmony in nature with the salmon, the wildlife and the friends we get to spend a week in heaven on earth with.

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