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One rod just became available for the week of June 5-12, 2022!

May 20, 2022 · Posted in Recent News · Comment 
Keith Vanacore with a nice buck

Keith Vanacore with a nice buck

Looking to get in on early season action? One spot during our prime season just became available! Hook this opportunity that runs from June 5-12. ‘Just how good is the fishing’ you ask? Well, this 21lb buck was hooked during that same week in June in year’s past. If you’re interested, don’t hesitate! Contact Keith Vanacore trouttimekv@aol.com or Chris Sinclair (506)759-8112. Serious inquiries only please.

Attention RRL Guests-Requirements for COVID-19 vaccinated travelers

May 19, 2022 · Posted in Recent News · Comment 


To all our guests. Please visit this link and review the Arrive-Can Covid-19 requirements before entering Canada.


New team member—Ashley Bolton

May 7, 2022 · Posted in Recent News · Comment 
Introducing a new key member of our team- Ashley Bolton. Head Chef and a real dynamo!
Be careful- don’t let that smile fool you.

We’re ready for our first sports of 2022

May 6, 2022 · Posted in Recent News · Comment 

restioguche lodge dining room

new camp

Contact Keith for RRL info

May 4, 2022 · Posted in Recent News · Comment 
Keith Vanacore
As the first group of sports will be arriving in camp on Friday, I’m asking all the guests that are booked for the 2022 season, that haven’t been in contact with me, to pls contact me by e mail preferably, or a text to arrange a phone call! I still need to tie up some loose ends on some guests that I have not communicated with directly. Thks in advance! Keith

Seasons on the Fly Summer Show 2019

January 12, 2022 · Posted in Recent News · Comment 

Bill Hartnett Passes

January 2, 2022 · Posted in Recent News · Comment 

Bill Hartnett

It’s with a very heavy heart that I tell you that Bill Hartnett passed at approximately 3:30 this morning. His son Shawn was able to watch much of his Beloved Notre Dame football with him yesterday. The legacy he leaves behind at our Camp speaks for itself. I wish I had some “before” pictures from 2008😊 His “unique” personality and the many stories and memories which are legendary will never die.❤️🙏

Michael French—Atlantic Salmon Sweetness

September 3, 2021 · Posted in Recent News · Comment 
Michael French

Guide Michael French, shown right, doing what he loved.

It is with the deepest sorrow that we have to report the very sad news of the passing of Michael French. Mike, “Frenchie” had just joined the Restigouche River Lodge guide team only a couple of seasons ago. In addition to losing a wonderful fellow the Atlantic salmon world has also lost one of the very best guides. It did not take long for Frenchie to learn the Restigouche River and I am sure he related all of his many seasons of guiding on the Saint John to his new river, The Restigouche. Michael loved being on the river. I know he was happy settling in at the lodge where he could feed his passion for Atlantic salmon fishing and guiding. He was in his glory while being on a big river fishing or guiding. Woods and water, bird dogs and Atlantic salmon, this was his world, with an occasional trip to the Far East! Frenchie could get you a fish, a big fish, as can be confirmed by his RRL sports. A joyful and knowledgeable conversationalist, in addition to his great guiding skills, our few guests were very fortunate to have spent a day on the Restigouche with Mike. Such a delightful and easy going man, I will miss Michael immensely, as I am sure will the partners, staff and guests of the Restigouche River Lodge. In closing this sad note, I would just like to think that Frenchie, while passing in his sleep, was in the mist of dreaming of a big salmon on!

—William Hartnett, RRL September 3, 2021

Looking Forward To A Virus Free Time-The Joy of Atlantic Salmon Fly Fishing is Coming Back

July 22, 2021 · Posted in Recent News · Comment 

I think we can all agree that we have had just enough of this rotten Covid-19 virus. The Restigouche River Lodge has gone through two tough seasons and we somehow have managed to keeps things going. It has been the partners desire to provide the necessary weeks, allowing the staffs benefits to stay in effect. The lodge also benefited from the small projects and lodge maintenance that has been completed by the girls and a few of the guys. We do have our sacred cows! We have been able to bring in a few Canadian anglers and that’s kept our sacred cows fishing.

This season has been our worst year for water levels, the only thing that has saved the river has been the cold nights. We have taken some nice fish despite the conditions. Home pool produced two nice salmon the first week in July, so don’t overlook these early July weeks, they have great potential for size and numbers year to year. I am all not doom and gloom and looking at the prospects for the rest of the year things could get very interesting. There are for sure good numbers of fish that have not entered the Restigouche and when we get some water and we will things could light up. We could be looking at some great bomber fishing in the coming months.

Getting back to this rotten virus, it is looking like we are gaining somewhat on its demise. Most of us have received their second shot and it looks like the border will be getting open in August. We have some late August and September dates available, you just might get on the Restigouche River after all.

It is a bit early for us to start building the 2022 calendar, but that is where the next season finds us. If you are considering fishing Atlantic salmon with us next season now is the time to book your trip. We believe that there will be a big interest in acquiring Atlantic salmon water in the coming season. It has been an Atlantic salmon-less two years and enough is enough!

Join the staff, the girls and our guides to welcome back the Atlantic salmon fly fishing at the Restigouche River lodge in 2022, and for some of you this fall.


Great News Just Announced-Canada to Open U.S. Border

The Government of Canada has just made the announcement to open the U.S. Canada border as of August 9th 2021.
Go to the link below for more information:
Arrive Canada

New Brunswick Department of Justice and
Public Safety New Brunswick Travel Registration

Office Phone: 1-833-948-2800


Ice on the move 2020

April 16, 2020 · Posted in Recent News · Comment 


Ice on the move. photo credit Seagull Cooling

Ice on the move. photo credit Seagull Cooling

The ice is running on the Restigouche River! As of April 14th the river ice is not moving at the Restigouche River Lodge in Mann’s Mountain. This photo from Seagull shows the Restigouche River from Camp Harmony looking down river. Yes all this stuff is on its way to the lodge once it gets going. The Restigouche is backing up the Upsalquitch River and doing some flooding there. Follow us on Friends of the Restigouche River Lodge for updated information. 

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