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The Restigouche River is known for its exclusivity, gin clear water and her large Atlantic salmon. Fish over forty pounds are landed somewhere on the Restigouche every year salmon in the high twenties and through the thirties considered common. Early spring through the end of June is the best time for these magnificent Atlantics. From the spring run of hens into the prime weeks of June and July then on to dry fly fishing culminating with numbers and colorful fall fishing all parts of the season have something special to offer. Between 15,000 and 25,000 salmon enter the Restigouche each year, which attracts anglers from all over the world. While many Atlantic salmon are reluctant to strike, the Restigouche variety are aggressive, and once hooked, they fight like devils and are highly acrobatic.

Greg Dixon's second Atlantic Salmon for 2020
Greg Dixon’s second Atlantic Salmon for 2020

30lb Atlantic Salmon on the Fly

Since we purchased the camp in 2008, we have maintained a regimented procedure to document our landings in the famous log book. Included in these entries are some of the most spectacular catches in the Atlantic Salmon world. The fish that are entered on these pages are world-class and the entries exceeding 30 lbs are in a special group of their own.

Each year skillful anglers tango with the largest Atlantic Salmon that enter the river, and the world. If landed, the subsequent angler and fish information will grace our plaque and our website. One may never know, when your line comes tight and reel sings the familiar tune; it could land you in one of the most prestigious clubs in all of fly angling.

Emily Rodger with her magnificent Restigouche Atlantic salmon


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