What to Bring

Although you’d never forget to bring your rods, reels and tying materials, we’d like to remind you to bring the following items that might not be top-of-mind.  Please remember that while we’re near the town of Campbellton, there are not a lot of shopping opportunities, so bringing these things from home will make your time with us feel like home.


  • Appropriate under garments and socks for the time of year you will be visiting
  • Fleece pants and insulated socks to wear under your waders
  • Long and or short fishing pants
  • Long and or short sleeved fishing shirts
  • Fleece pullover and or vest, sweat shirt or other type of clothing you can layer
  • A quality rain jacket and or water proof fishing jacket
  • A couple of fishing hats one appropriate for foul weather


  • Polarized sun glasses in different shades for time of day (Sunglasses should always be worn for reasons of safety while fly fishing)
  • Camera, a water proof type camera is recommended.
  • Bug repellent (even though insects are not a major problem at our lodge)
  • Sun screen and lip balm
  • All your other personal items

Fishing Gear

  • Fly rods: Bring at least two rods appropriate for the time of the season, early spring
    tends to be heavy water, larger size flies and sink tips and leaders. Prime and into dry
    fly season lighter rods are a better choice. The rods selection goes from single handed
    rods in lengths of 8 to 10 feet rated for 7 to 10 weight lines and two handed, switch
    and spey rods in lengths 12 to 15 feet rated for 8 to 12 weight lines.
  • Reels: You should bring at least two reels, a reel for each rod and possibly an extra one.
    Quality reels of the correct size for the rod being used with a good drag system are
    highly recommended. We have had guest loose salmon in the 20lb plus range do to
    the failure of the reel being used. Your reel should have 200 yards of 20 to 30 lb. test
  • Lines: Floating lines are predominantly used throughout the season with slow,
    intermediate, sink tip lines and leaders in the early season.
  • A quality pair of breathable waders along with a spare pair if you have them. Studded
    soles are not needed so please don’t wear them. We have fine gravel wading on our water.
big jim

“Got enough stuff” Jim on the slant