Our Guides

At Restigouche River Lodge, we have high priority on tradition and history. This shows through in our architecture, food and canoes. In regards to our guiding staff, we like to have a healthy mixture of traditional river families as well as new school guides. Our staff is very important to us, and ensuring that our clients are fitted with the finest guides in the valley and eastern North America is paramount.


Sandy Mazerall

Sandy’s a dandy, he’s been in the woods or on the water since he was knee high to a grasshopper. Sandy was raised on the banks of the former Atlantic Salmon mecca known as the St. John River, New Brunswick. Through experience and passion he has dedicated his life to guiding for the king of sportfish throughout New Brunswick, spending the majority of his tenure in private camps on the tributaries to the Miramichi. Sandy is one of our long-standing guides, this will be his 10th season with us at Restigouche River Lodge. His sureness of presentation, knowledge of our water and boat handling skills make him a very crucial team member.



Raymond Poirier

Raymond is one of our local guides whose family was navigated these waters for generations. His deep-rooted passion, seriousness, and fish handling skills are his greatest attributes. Raymond has been with us for 9 seasons, soon to be 10. He’ll slip in on a resting salmon setting up just perfectly for his sports cast. Raymond exudes confidence and that confidence transfers easily to his sports. With Raymond you’re always in good hands, great with our lady fly fisher’s and unmatched when it comes to guiding caring for young anglers!

If you see Sandy around, just know Raymond isn’t too far away. You can often find them at the guide shack keeping an eagle eye on our boats and Home Pool.  





Perry Munro

Outdoorsman. A substantial word, evoking images of hunting, fishing and trapping. Nevertheless, it feels deficient when applied to Perry Munro. For more than 50 years he has done all those things and many more. Operating a maple syrup business, managing a wood lot and milling lumber to build cabins, and running a professional guiding business including a lodge, these are just a few examples of his constant connection to the natural world.” Born in Nova Scotia’s fertile Annapolis Valley but being well travelled; he has spent many years guiding in Labrador for Atlantic Salmon, Arctic Char and Brook Trout, and much more. We will let Perry tell his own story in the canoe, as he has many. We look forward to him rounding out our team in 2023!

Quote from Perry’s Book “Guides Eyes”


Thomas Plante

For some fly fishing is a favourite hobby, but for others, even at his young age, it turned into an obsession. Passionate fisherman for more than a decade, Thomas specialized himself in Atlantic salmon fly fishing. Whether in Northern Quebec, on the coast of Labrador or in the Gaspé peninsula, he fished hard and traveled a lot to get the most experience with this species. He always wants to learn more and loves to teach and pass on knowledge on single and double hand casting. This will be Thomas’ second year with us, and we are very pleased to have him come back!





Ludger Francouer

Ludger was born and raised in the Lower Valley of the Restigouche watershed, and is a man of the woods and water. In addition to guiding for Atlantic salmon at the RRL, Ludger is great with the motors and lodge equipment and all other work at the Lodge. He truly is our right hand man on the grounds of RRL!