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big atlantic salmon The Restigouche River Lodge has posted a tremendous opportunity to fish for Atlantic salmon on the Restigouche River at an unheard of price. $2,900.00 gets you a full week of fishing, seven days for a total of 14 sessions with guide, private water, lodging and all your meals included. This week begins with a 3:00 pm arrival on Sunday May 11th and finishes with dinner on Sunday the 18th of May. Fly fish over Atlantic salmon in the range of 30 lbs. and over. To equal this trip one would have to travel to one of the few other big fish rivers in the world at a cost of five times or more.

Here is one other factor, the full moon falls on the 14 of May in 2014. This could be scary, fly fish to the big girls of the Restigouche.

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