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Big Spring Atlantic Salmon
Each year the Restigouche River gets a big early run of Atlantic salmon, primarily hen fish. After the ice runs out, very large salmon begin to enter the river from April on, with numbers growing around the middle of May into the early weeks of June. The Restigouche’s water in mid May tends to be high, cold and a bit dirty, therefore this is really the only time of the season you need to the get the fly down. These spring conditions call for bigger flies, sinking lines, tips and leaders giving the angler that little extra advantage while fishing in early spring. On the Restigouche River large Atlantic salmon of 30lbs and over are taken every season during this time of the year. The weather can tend to be a bit cold and wet, but that’s just how these big girls like it!

If you would like to book one of these weeks, a three or four day trip, contact Bill Hartnett, 201-788-2920
large atlantic salmon

Adams pool serves up some large salmon