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Come join us this year for a complete angling experience on the Restigouche River in New Brunswick, Canada.

Place your feet on historic riverbed where only a chosen few have ventured fly fishing for these world class Atlantic salmon. With five miles of the first holding water on the Restigouche the chrome Atlantic’s that you will be fishing over have not yet been introduced to a salmon fly.

Spey water heaven, the private stretch of water fished by guests of the RRL features the best Atlantic salmon spey water in Eastern Canada. Experience the greedy pleasure of huge pools with runs hundreds of yards long available to only you and you’re fishing partner. As your week rolls on you will be fishing different pools each morning and evening session, all without ever leaving the lodge and the river. Your longest journey is a short walk to a canoe with a five or ten minute ride to the pool.

With all your fishing is on the lodge’s continuous stretch of the Restigouche, which affords RRL guests to be on the water at the best times of the day. You never have to pick up early. “We fish the witching hour”

Pleasure in “the real lodge experience” Wake up to the crisp morning air and the sound of the river as you cross the foot bridge to your morning breakfast in the main lodge. There is no pressure on you as you enjoy another cup of coffee looking over the river you shall soon be fishing.

At the RRL every day is based on your enjoyment all your senses will be stimulated, the sights, the sounds, and the aromas. Breakfast, dinners, and the RRL “late lite meal” all prepared with the freshest prime meats, fish and vegetables many grown in the RRL gardens on site.

Treat yourself to the total “Lodge Experience” this season at the Restigouche River Lodge.