Who is She and Why Her Salmon?

Have you heard of this river and her large Atlantic salmon? The Restigouche River and her very large Atlantic’s have been kept off the public’s radar from the time of Dean Sage (The Restigouche and its Salmon Fishing, published by David Douglas, Edinburgh 1888) till the present day. Why is this you ask? We all know of the Miramichi River, New Brunswick, Canada’s very popular and accessible river for salmon anglers. This other New Brunswick River has been hidden in the dark shadows due to her exclusive private water, fished only by the private owners, their guests and a lucky few.

RRL guest David Wood III, a proud dad and a fine Restigouche salmon

David Wood III and his dad with a fine Restigouche salmon

Atlantic salmon angler Steve Miller, who has just joined the RRL partnership, comments on the Restigouche. “I was introduced to my pursuit of Atlantic salmon fishing as a 16 year old boy by my father many years ago. We fished the Hershey Salmon Club on the Miramichi throughout my early years, I have since fished salmon from Labrador to Russia, and it’s just what I love to do. These Restigouche salmon are something else, they are so thick! a different body type from other Atlantic’s of my experience. Big shoulders, humped backs with bodies wide to the tail, fish that live to fight, this river is for me. From my first visit I knew I wanted to be part of the RRL group. Reasoning being, easy accessibility to the lodge. You can drive, fly or even take a train. Private water, great accommodations, wonderful meals and the water, what water! You never leave the camp to fish, no car drives to distant pools, fish till dark on big pools with no shore snags and room for these fish to run. The lodge fishes the first holding water on the Restigouche, salmon that have yet to see an anglers fly. Yes, now this is where you will find me, Atlantic salmon fishing, here on the Restigouche River at the Restigouche River Lodge.”

The Restigouche River is wedged between the Canadian provinces of Quebec and New Brunswick. She enters the Bay of Chaleur at the western most end flowing along the shores of Campbellton, NB https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chaleur_Bay The Restigouche River Lodge is located in Mann’s Mountain, New Brunswick, Canada. The lodge fishes five miles of private water on the Restigouche. The camp itself sits on the New Brunswick shore in the center of the five mile stretch a short canoe ride to all of our pools.

The Restigouche River Lodge affords you the opportunity to book a trip and fish this river. Fly fish over bright Atlantic’s fresh from the salt. Salmon destined for one of the Restigouche’s five tributaries, you will cover them all. Experience all the Restigouche River Lodge has to offer, yes it is right under your nose. World class Atlantic salmon, the luxury of a truly private lodge experience reminiscence of yester year. The partners and staff invite you to join us on the Restigouche River.