Oh no! Do I dare go down this path? For the people that know me, they know I just can’t help it, so here I go, opening my big yap! Now this article is not meant to hurt anyone’s feelings and is just my view point on this subject. An Atlantic salmon fly reel, boy oh boy are there some traditional spectacular Atlantic salmon fly reels prized by many. These reels are of historical value, highly collectable, feverishly sought after, highest quality of design and mechanical function.And the looks unmatched today and many with a sound that can’t be beat! It is surely a rare pleasure for an Atlantic salmon angler to step in an equally historical river and fish one of these gems.

If I may, with all the respect to the discussion above, we are going to address the reel needs for anglers fishing the RRL water during our big fish weeks and into June. It has become prevalent that guests fishing our water during these weeks have a high expectation of hooking into a large Atlantic caring the genes of the world renowned Restigouche River. Like the size of her salmon the Restigouche is a big river and during these prime weeks she can be some powerful. A large volume of heavily pushing water and the power of a large Atlantic, fresh from the salt is a tough test for an anglers fly reel.

What’s needed to tangle with one of these giant Atlantic’s when the Restigouche is at the peak of her force. A wide, large reel with a smooth, fine and strong drag and not to mention plenty of backing!