Sure enough, it happens every time! I got the idea to have some peanut butter and crackers just before bed. Well for me this late snack always seems to bring on a dream, not a nightmare but a dream about life, a real life dream, like it is really happening right now.

My dad grew up during the depression and at that time there was a lot of rural land in New Jersey, so my dad’s boyhood was spent in the woods and streams. Back then there was no money for much of anything. There was hunting and fishing and in the addition to the adventure it put food on the table. As did trapping which brought in a few bucks for the family. So the love for the outdoors was set deep, deep, deep inside my dad, long before I came along.

At around the time before his passing, I had the thought of him taken a big trip to Canada. He did not have much money left, my mom and dad had gone through some ruff sicknesses. Myself, just getting out of the service, it was just not in the times. I often think of how he would have felt. Just to have known that I was part of this salmon camp, would have made him very proud. So
this thought of having been able to bring him to the lodge is always rolling around in the back of my head.

Ah, back to the dream, you know these dreams are over quick. We are in the canoe, the line is in the water, there’s the take and big salmon has him hanging on! I could just feel the strong bull of the fish as did he. I woke up with us at the shore getting ready to take a photo. So it happened, it was at that moment so real. Maybe it really was?If you are thinking of taking a big trip with your dad or for that matter, a wife, son, daughter or even a friend. Don’t wait, it will be priceless, a time a memory that you will treasure and never forget!