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Guest Mark in Ledges with a beauty

Recently a question popped up “what gives me the best chance to get an Atlantic salmon?”
Well, that question is on the minds of most Atlantic salmon anglers and we all would love to know the answer. Believe it or not the answer to this question is rather quite simple.

As we are now closing in on the opening of the 2019 Atlantic salmon season, now is a good time to address this question. It really is a simple answer, and it is not a long fancy cast or los of complicated thinking. To get the attention of an Atlantic, just relax make a straight line cast, don’t push it let the rod do the work, no pressure. You’re swinging for a salmon, you are starting out short and you can manage your casting nicely as you extend to your limit. A nice flat straight line with downriver angle according to the flow of the river. As your fly hits the surface it’s on the swing, moving with the line, no heavy trailing and unfolding bag. Just feel the fly moving through the water, rod tip down as you follow your fly, it hits the sweet spot and bang! Salar is on, now don’t lift that rod, keep your tip down and let him take, turn and just start to run. With your tip down and the fish on the reel he will hook himself, okay now you can lift and feel the hook burry in the salmon’s jaw.

That’s all it takes to be in the zone of an Atlantic salmon. To have the best chance of catching an Atlantic, is to have your fly properly presented along the whole swing. Being efficient on the water is the secret, you heard the saying “keep your fly in the water.” Keep it on the move, in the end it just comes down to percentages, more time in the zone, more chances and the more takes.

Sure there is so much more when it comes to Atlantic salmon fly fishing. The flies, rods, reels, lines, and leaders an endless delightful search of knowledge. Reading the water, different techniques learned as you go from one salmon fishing experience to another.

Finally if ever, when you acquire all the Atlantic salmon fly fishing knowledge you can, it will still come down to this. “Stay in the ZONE”

Spring tube & spey flies

Spring tube & spey flies