Hooks! Are one of the most important components for Atlantic salmon fly fishing and we will never stop warning our guests about them. Next to lifting the rod it might be the single reason why many salmon anglers have lost their large Atlantic salmon of a lifetime. The loss of an Atlantic salmon of a lifetime! Let that sink in and when you do you will never again tie on a hook of inferior quality. When a soldier goes into battle the number one consideration concerning his weapon is reliability. When the fighting starts the last thing he wants to think about is whether his gun will fire or not. Now Atlantic salmon fishing, surely is not a life and death situation, the loss of your best Atlantic could lead to a rod breaking, ground stomping hysterical fit, though. After all, it happens on golf courses every day! What keeps you from this kind of a result is fishing strong quality hooks! Go into battle with your giant Atlantic salmon prepared and when the reel stripping run starts you won’t be worrying about the failure of your hook. During our prime weeks on the Restigouche River at the Restigouche River Lodge, salmon anglers are increasingly preparing for their inevitable battle with Salmo Salar of the Restigouche.How are they preparing? Their Hook the smallest yet most important component of your fly fishing gear setup!