The Hook

double partridge hokDo you ever give your hook a thought? We love to debate the best fly rods, reels and their drag system, lines and leaders along with all the rest of the paraphernalia, waders, rain gear etc. associated with our sport. What about your hook, are you giving it much thought? Well it is the most important element in your fly fishing set up. So why do we tend to give this business end of the fly line such little consideration.

Years ago hooks were made by hand, hammered out from virgin Sheffield steel free of impurities. Formed brazed and sharpened with a black japanned finish, little works of art in singles and doubles.

Atlantic salmon fishing is all about the flies and I can think of no other fish that has the history of what’s between the angler’s fly and salmo salar. Atlantic salmon flies and fly fishing go back for centuries, it is known as the sport of kings from royalty to the wealthiest leaders from industry, business right down to the average fellow we have all sought out this magnificent fish.

At the Restigouche River Lodge we pay strict attention to the hooks our flies are tied on. We spend many hours seeking out old British made hooks that are still available. We have built a good stock of these hooks and were keeping our tier Scott busy getting ready for next season.

The flies at the lodge might be a bit more expensive than from others but ask this, who tied this fly and where is he from (Scott Doncaster, Moncton New Brunswick, Canada “the best tier around”) Using the best materials available and of course the Hook, British made with the proper tempering from virgin Sheffield steel and with the traditional black japanned finish.Bonnie-Belle-1