If it is your wish to pursue a controversial subject, the controversy over fly lines is a fine place to start. We would like to take a bit of your time and go in the other direction. So this is our attempt to make things a little simpler when choosing a fly line. To make choosing a fly line even easier we are focusing on an Atlantic salmon fly line and to be more specific on the RRL water of the Restigouche River. Now is this getting easy or what? Of course for all the anglers, casters and fly line enthusiast this article might not be up your alley. But, for those that just want to get Ole Salmo Salar to take their fly, we think this will help.

Dry fly fishing for Atlantic‘s is one big subject matter and we may visit this in future articles.For now we are speaking of fly lines other than floating, easy! You only need a floating line that casts well with your line weight rod. A line that can handle bombers, eight or nine weight and swing wets sub surface. The angler should always have a floating line in their gear bag. Many times you will be using a floating line while you are swinging wet flies. There you go, floating fly lines made simple.

Sinking lines, now we can get into the heavy stuff of Atlantic salmon fly fishing. There is a good bit more to explorer when it comes to sinking lines and all the variety of gear that goes with this subject. The discussion of sinking fly lines can also be dissected in a non-controversial simple approach for Atlantic salmon fly fishing. Now for those that prefer a more scientific, complicated and highly technical direction on the explanation of sinking lines, have at it! We are headed in the opposite direction. To further uncomplicated this subject matter we are going to stick with Rio In Touch 3D Scandi lines for spey and two handers or single hand fly rod salmon anglers.We are not going to get into all the multitude of different sinking lines, tips etc. we’re keeping it simple, remember?

Rio’s brief explanation of their In Touch 3D Scandi fly line. “Seamlessly integrating threedifferent densities along the length of a single head, RIO’s InTouch Scandi 3D heads cut through wind and current, and let you swing the fly deep without snagging bottom when the current slows. We build these lines around our ultra-low-stretch Connect Core for enhanced sensitivity, easier mends, and faster hook sets.” While swinging a fly for Atlantic salmon these lines get you in the zone when you need to get down. Different sink rates over their selection of In Touch lines that eliminate hinging and require much less effort to lift from the water. Let’s take the stress and confusion out of our sink gear and give these lines a go!

You can add all your sinking tips you need for special situations. But try these lines, they keep things simple and cover all your sinking needs, ease in casting and takes out all the sinking science.