You’re Dining Experience At The Restigouche River Lodge

While you’re staying at the Restigouche River Lodge you will be treated to enjoying the finest cuisine in the Gaspe` region. All our meals are prepared on site, using only the finest fresh ingredients. We use the highest quality meats, including prime beef, pork, and poultry together with the freshest locally sourced seafood. Vegetables and herbs are hand selected from local providers or come right out of the RRL gardens.

All the RRL meals are prepared by our kitchens two lady team, Margaret and Donnalee are the headliners and the rest of the ladies pitch in to the kitchen tasks.. These two work together with a bit help from the other ladies in our staff. These two gals not only prepare the exquisite entrees that are served in our main lodge. They handle all the baking and desert preparations, make the RRL preserves and other pickled delights.

You’re three meals are personally served in the RRL Dining Lodge, this building sits on the Restigouche River with a spectular upriver view, a fitting setting to enjoy your meals at any salmon camp.

Your daily dining experience begins with your choice of country-style breakfast, served from 7:00 to 8:00 am. The main meal of the day at the RRL is served at 1:00 p.m. after your mornings fishing session. All meals are served in the main lodge with your comfort in mind, free from the weather and bugs of the “river dining” offered by so many other lodges. The main meal starts with a hot appetizer, soup and salad, followed by the main entree and for those who still have room, a fabulous desert. We also serve a late “lite” meal after your evenings fishing. All fishing is on the lodge’s private and exclusive water, with a maximum of a 10 minute canoe ride back to the lodge day. This routine allows you to fish the “witching hour” from sunset till the time just prior to darkness sets in. After your evenings fishing you will find yourself back in the dining lodge. You will be greeted by our ladies serving our late night “lite meal” with the focus on the weather conditions, hot homemade soup and dishes to combat the cold, rainy days and meals designed for the warmer days. You will find an assortment of deserts, cake, pies and cookies we’re sure you won’t be disappointed! Our dining lodge is open 24/7 for a snack, coffee, tea or cold beverage, all for your conveyance.

All the ladies on our staff have only one mission in mind and that is to accommodate your requests. Please pass along any of your dining requirements, likes or dislikes and any needs you may have.

At the Restigouche River Lodge, dining is built around the fishing, not the other way round. We look forward to making your next Atlantic salmon fishing trip the most enjoyable one yet.