Very early yesterday morning there was another reported sighting of the thought to be extinct Restigouche River Red Wolf. An elderly poor sighted care taker was summed to the incident by the sounds of loud screeching and growling of an apparent ongoing fight coming from the river bed. Despite not wearing her hearing aid she could easily determine the screeching to be that of an eagle, however she could not imagen what animal was producing that awful growling! These freighting sounds sent shivers down her spine but they could not quench her curiosity. So the care taker crawled quietly through the tall weeds to get a good look. Now from her high river bank perch she could easily see what all the ruckus was about.

Two mature Bald Eagles had a hold of a very large Atlantic salmon and were trying to tear the fish apart. Circling the eagles was a gigantic reddish dog like animal that was attempting to pry the salmon from their talons. From time to time the enormous fish would flip, flop and drag the eagles back, wing deep into the river. It was at this moment that the dog like creature swooped in and was able to grab hold of the fish along with the birds. With the fish firmly in the tight grip of the creature’s mouth it was clear that the eagles had lost their meal. As the animal lugged the salmon up the bank, the eagles were still hanging on, they could lift the animal off the ground but were unable to gain any altitude. It was just when he reached the tall weeds that the pair of eagles let go. Our care taker watched as the wolf like animal hoisted the salmon proudly in its jaws. Then he carried it up the dry creek bed, dragging the head and tail from side to side, from a height of four feet or more! He came to the large culvert that went under the road, to only find out the salmon was too big to fit in! The creature made it up to the road, crossed in a jiffy, with salmon in mouth he headed up the mountain. The care taker was still shaking, even though being safely inside the camp where she was making a soothing hot cup of tea. Sitting at the table and still visibly shaking, quietly as she sipping her tea, she was slowly able to tell her story /to me!