River Report for the Restigouche River The ice run watch is officially on for the Restigouche River. RRL guide Mathieu Boucher has been keeping a watchful eye on the river and snow conditions over recent weeks. There has been a few heavy snow storms over the past few weeks building up a deep base and plenty of ice on the river. The building roofs were shoveled off in the nick of time as it has been raining steady from yesterday through today.

Matt reports that the river is open at Morrissey Rock the center is running and eating at the ice edges. Traveling up Restigouche River Road it is closed at the dip just above the camp. Only the coming days and temperatures will tell when the ice will finally let go. Let’s hope there is no flooding but the ice cuts some new salmon lye’s for the 2016 Atlantic salmon season.

Well Mattie me boy keep those watchful eye’s wide open and us anxious salmon anglers well informed on the advancing conditions.