Single Barbless vs Barbed Single or Double Hooks for Atlantic Salmon Fly Fishing

April 21, 2016

Atlantic salmon anglers have an ongoing controversy between fishing with single barbless hooks and barbed single or double hooks.  We salmon anglers are quick to make our opinions known over this argument but have we really thought it out.

Many opinions are put out to the fly fishing public as fact from individuals, media, government agencies and Atlantic salmon conservation organizations about this issue without any survival data. Read more…


2016 Ice Watch

April 1, 2016 · Posted in River Report

River Report for the Restigouche River The ice run watch is officially on for the Restigouche River. RRL guide Mathieu Boucher has been keeping a watchful eye on the river and snow conditions over recent weeks. There has been a few heavy snow storms over the past few weeks building up a deep base and plenty of ice on the river. The building roofs were shoveled off in the nick of time as it has been raining steady from yesterday through today. Read more…


April Fools on Me

April 1, 2016

Sometime this morning while in a deep sleep a recurring dream came to me again. This dream is of an unknown Atlantic salmon river that I have visited many times while in my subconscious state. These dreams have offered me many wonderful adventures without travel, internet views or programs. My night time trip might have been spurred on by gawking at his magnificent Atlantic salmon from England Pool that Mack had just posted on Facebook. Read more…


Bring a Friend Two for One Draw

March 31, 2016 · Posted in Recent News

RRL Newsletter Special: Enter for a chance to win a two-for-one trip, a week’s fishing on the Restigouche River. Read More…

rrl newsletter


3″x4″ RRL Logo Stickers

February 26, 2016 · Posted in Recent News

At the printer we are making 3″x4″ RRL logo stickers for cars etc. Read More…

rrl sticker


Full Moon Report

February 26, 2016 · Posted in River Report

WARNING; Here is a warning to all you big girls (Atlantic salmon) that will be entering the Restigouche River this spring. The Restigouche River Lodge will have rods on the water with flies a swinging! The Restigouche produces large Atlantic salmon in the month of May Read More…

full moon

Mid-Winter River Report

February 22, 2016 · Posted in River Report

The Restigouche River hides under the ice at last. This winter has been mild from New Brunswick’s on the new camp way of thinking. We were able to keep working well into December as the wind kept down and the temperatures stayed around freezing. The daily freeze thaw cycle created a muddy mess combined with the lack of daylight brought the new camp build to a holt. Read more…

The Restigouche River and Her Large Salmon

Around the middle of May large hen Atlantic salmon begin to enter the Restigouche River with a few fish arriving as early as late April. Bright chrome salmon that rival any in the world today. This run of large Atlantics have been the quest of a chosen few and by anglers lucky enough to get an invite on the river.

The Restigouche is known as a private and exclusive river with access to anglers by invitation only. A group of fishermen acquired a salmon camp along with this beautiful stretch of river, now known as the Restigouche River Lodge. The partners have made available these world class Atlantic salmon to all anglers wishing to book a trip at the RRL. Read more…


Mac’s 16lb Atlantic

July 7, 2015

Toby with Mack’s 16 lb salmon he also managed 2 grilse. Back out tonight where some large salmon are lurking.

16lb Atlantic Salmon

Mac’s 16lb Salmon


Charlies 35lb Atlantic from Home Pool

June 28, 2015

RRL partner / owner Charlie Polsky  flew in from the windy city June 27 to fish the river. He casually got on the water around 6:30 and plucked a 35 lb Atlantic from Home Pool within an hour. He then retired to the fire pit to take in all that had just happened. The fish took in the middle of Home pool after coming back to a Picasse the second time. She fought Charlie hard, four times well into his backing and landed the big girl well beyond the ledge.

Charlies 35lb Atlantic Salmon

Charlies 35lb Atlantic Salmon



Charlie Brown’s 31lb Hen

June 27, 2015

Toby and RRL guest Charlie brown with a Restigouche 31 lb hen from last nights fishing.

31lb Hen

Charlie’s 31lb Hen



Another Nice Salmon from Home Pool

June 25, 2015

Toby with RRL guest Mark’s salmon from the other night in Home Pool

Salmon Home pool

Guide Toby with guest Marks Salmon from Home Pool


A slow start but things are heating up.

June 25, 2015

We have been off to a slow start this season but over the last few days good numbers of large salmon have been spotted. On June 16 angler Anthony rang the bell raising two salmon dropping a 14 and cashing in with a 35 lb hen from our Poker Pool. They lost the photo opt but the memory is fixed between the ears of one happy face. Sandy a new guide at the RRL got his first big Restigouche Fish what a way to start. Guest Roger improved the streak with a 12 and 14lb salmon from Ledges and Home pools.

June 20, RRL guide Toby and a happy angler Ken with his 32 Lb Atlantic salmon. Weight was calculated using Ally McGowan scale of length and girth.

salmon 32lbs

RRL guide Toby and a happy angler Ken with his 32 Lb Atlantic salmon


Malcolm’s Salmon from Scowshed pool

June 1, 2015

RRL guest Malcolm along with his guide Matt and and a nice Restigouche salmon

Guide Matt ready to land Malcolm's Atlantic

Guide Matt ready to land Malcolm’s Atlantic

salmon scowshed

RRL guest Malcolm and guide Matt with a beautiful salmon.


First Salmon of the 2015 season

May 26, 2015

The first girl of the 2015 Atlantic salmon season. The river is in peak condition and a gang of sports are due in.


first salmon 2015

32lb Atlantic Salmon

32lb salmon

Bill Wilbur with the 32 lb hen from Adams pool