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Introducing the Staff at The Restigouche River Lodge

RRL Atlantic Salmon Guides

Sandy Mazerall

Sandy’s a dandy, he’s been in the woods or on the water since he was knee high to a grasshopper. No one loves the outdoors any more than Sandy. He never says die when it comes to Atlantic salmon fly fishing. If there is a fish in the river, Sandy will get it! and he’ll tell you so. One hard working guide for his sports, who just loves Atlantic salmon fly fishing.

Raymond Poirier

Now here is a boatman that can run a 26ft. fishing canoe. He’ll slip in on a resting salmon setting up just perfectly for his sports cast. Raymond eludes confidence and that confidence transfers easily to his sports. With Raymond you’re always in good hands, great with our lady fly fisher’s and unmatched when it comes to guiding caring for tyoung anglers! A man of great patience, it is easy to see why these large Atlantic’s can’t hide from his sports.

Michael French

Mike, what a delightful fellow to fish with! Mike brings us a vast experience on Atlantic salmon fly fishing. Guiding on many of the New Brunswick waters he has now set his sights on the Restigouche and her large Atlantic’s. A wealth of information that he readily shares with his sports. Michael is another RRL guide that loves Atlantic salmon fly fishing and is a master at reading the water.

Toby Gilbert

Toby, “the traveling guide” If you head to central Canada you might find him and his sport hunting a big Musky or stalking a Northern Pike on the fly. If you don’t find him there try looking out in BC. He could be there with one or two angers up a wilderness river in search of a large steelhead. One thing I know that come spring Toby will be on the Restigouche River at the RRL. He will be there with his sports swinging flies to those large Restigouche Atlantic salmon. Toby hails from the UK, a lad with a strong British heritage of fly fishing. I believe he is starting to prefer these Restigouche Atlantic’s as his favorite game fish. As he says “Go Big or Go Home” Toby is a delight to fish with, works hard for our guests and does not have to “Go Home” he gets he big Atlantic’s.

Ludger Francouer

Ludger is a man of the woods and water. We are considering taking on a moose hunt, as the moose season begins with the end of the atlantic salmon season. If this works Ludger will also guide moose for us. In addition to guiding for Atlantic salmon at the RRL, Ludger is great with the motors and lodge equipment and all other work at the Lodge.

Jim Rusher

What can you say about Jim, to start with the most delightful mannerisms when it comes to Spey casting instruction. It is said he honed his easy going, no pressure teaching techniques due to his time spent as a golf pro. The man knows his Atlantic salmon fly fishing, lucky is the angler that gets to spend the day with Jim on a piece of Atlantic salmon fly water. We are delighted that Jim will be joining us for the 2020 Atlantic salmon fly fishing season. In addition to his guiding, Jim will be involved in another of his passions, flower gardening. As he says, “a salmon camp is not a salmon camp without roses and flowers about.


The Ladies of The RRL

Donnalee Boudreau

Donnalee’s family traits go way back to a Queen’s Grant on Mann’s Mountain and the Restigouche River. She has become an intrical part of the RRL’s operation. Donnalee serves as the lodge’s baker, handles RRL merchandise, the Lodge cook’s assistant, serves our dining table, prepares jams and other RRL specialties, helps with housekeeping and feeds the always hungry staff. She has been known to some camp painting and enjoys pulling weeds! In addition to all of these services, Donnalee provides a warm friendly smile to all the RRL guests welcoming, them to the RRL an assuring them of a wonderful visit. I guess we should call her “Mama RRL”

Margaret Degrace

Margaret wondered into to the RRL just looking for some part time work and trying out the RRL. As a need arrived for the lead in the kitchen, Margaret stepped up to the plate! Wow! Was the RRL ever in luck? Margaret has done an outstanding job, we have not missed a beat and in my view improved what comes out of our kitchen! All to the benefit of the RRL guests. Margaret has teamed up with Donnalee o form a great pair

Ida Jane Delaney

Ida Jane, what can you say! No one, man women or beast is going to outwork this gal! Ida does it all, works in the kitchen and housekeeping, serving to all the needs of the RRL guests. However, Ida has found a home in the RRL grounds and gardens, it’s her baby. She does it all, works on the RRL construction projects and renovations. Just a great worker in the proud Delaney tradition.

Rose Delaney

Rose does not really “work” for the Restigouche River lodge, however she spends her vacation from her job in Alberta with us. She joins her sister Ida, most likely due to her Delaney blood, Rose joins in on any ongoing job. Join in she does! Anything she can her hands on. We always look forward to Rose’s summer visit to the Restigouche River Lodge.

Heather Mann

Heather joined the RRL for the 2019 season and she sure fits in! Another of the famed “Delaney Girls” Heather does it all from our housekeeping, kitchen help and as a delightful server. Heather is a wonderful addition to the RRL staff. We are delighted to have her onboard!

Mindy Craswell

Mindy is our night time girl and works part time but performs full time! Attending university and spending her summer days at the hospital preparing for a career. Mindy gives much of her free time to working at the RLL, never saying no to any job.