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Weird Fish

February 10, 2017 · Posted in Recent News · Comment 

Weird Fish

weird fishRestigouche River Lodge guide Mathieu spends a good amount of the winter  month’s ice fishing on the Chaleur Bay. Out on the ice this morning he heard  screaming from the shanty next door. Looking into his neighbor shanty he  found his Cousin Philip cornered by this strange looking fish. After reviving the lads they were safely released and the fish headed back to the deep.  If there is someone who can name this strange looking fish, be the first one to  email with the correct scientific and common  name. The winner will be entitled to a two for one three day trip to the  Restigouche River Lodge. This trip is redeemable for the 2017 Atlantic  salmon season by availability.  Good luck and have some fun! KB

Fly Fishing Shows 2017

January 12, 2017 · Posted in Recent News · Comment 

fly fishing shows 2017

The Fly Fishing Shows are rolling in! The Restigouche River lodge will be at these two shows and some others. We have a new show booth and look forward to your visit.

Happy Thanksgiving

October 10, 2016 · Posted in Recent News · Comment 

Good morning Canada!
The Restigouche River Lodge would like to wish all Canadians a very happy Thanksgiving. Eat hearty and have a safe holiday. The nice thing for myself is, that due to Canada’s earlier holiday I enjoy two Thanksgiving in one year.
Thanks Canada, KB


New lodge UPDATE

September 12, 2016 · Posted in Recent News · Comment 

The new camp is progressing well. We are really excited to get it completed.
Here are some photos of it’s progression.

RRL new camp coming along nicely

June 21, 2016 · Posted in Recent News · Comment 

Our new camp is progressing nicely. Here are some photos of the work being done.

new lodge4

Peeling logs for the road side gable.

new lodge3

Roof structure

new lodge2

Peeling more logs

new lodge

Prepping logs

Bring a Friend Two for One Draw

March 31, 2016 · Posted in Recent News · Comment 

RRL Newsletter Special: Enter for a chance to win a two-for-one trip, a week’s fishing on the Restigouche River. Six and a half days of fishing including private water, guide, lodging and dinning for you and your guest. Pick your week by availability for the 2016 Atlantic salmon season. One full week trip purchased and the other trip is free for your guest or share the cost for a 50% off trip for both. Winner will be drawn on April 10, 2016. Please include your phone number along with your email entry. Send in your email entry to

For those that are not on our list, sign up so you won’t miss out on these specials down the road.

rrl newsletter

3″x4″ RRL Logo Stickers

February 26, 2016 · Posted in Recent News · Comment 

At the printer we are making 3″x4″ RRL logo stickers for cars etc. We will have them at the Lancaster Fly Fishing Show for anyone that would like one. Of course they will be at the lodge for our guests, future shows, presentations and included on any RRL orders as we get our website shop set up and running.rrl sticker

Lancaster is next for the RRL

February 18, 2015 · Posted in Recent News · Comment 

The Restigouche River Lodge will be at the Fly Fishing Show in Lancaster Pa. March 5th and 6th 2016. See you at the showFly Fishing Show

Salmon and a Hurricane

November 26, 2014 · Posted in Recent News · Comment 
Roger Salmon

Roger Urwin

Hurricane Arthur provided all the fireworks for Canada Day and the Fourth of July in 2014. Arriving to the Canadian Maritimes with a big bang the storm kept most of the outdoor activities to a minimum. Arthur really whipped up the Restigouche River and on a time of the season when you would expect beautiful warm weather Mother Nature gave us the big chill. Winds took down one of the RRL flag poles, a large tree along with many huge limbs around the grounds.

In camp during this week was a fine chap, Roger Urwin from across the pond. Roger, who comes from England might have been raised on rainy, cold weather but not this. Other sports came in quickly as the storm started to rage, not so for Roger and his guide Matty. The two braved the powerful winds, rough water and frigid temperatures, oh boy was it cold.

The determined sport and guide fought all the punishment Arthur could dish out that evening. Despite the least likely salmon taking conditions this fellow managed one fine Atlantic salmon that evening. The two came in cold and wet with big smiles on their faces.

I think we would be hard pressed to find another Atlantic salmon angler that could tell such a story. The RRL hats come off to Roger Urwin one determined fly fisherman with an Atlantic salmon and a hurricane to remember.

Cheers Roger, you sure know how to play the game!


Atlantic Salmon Youth Day

October 27, 2014 · Posted in Recent News · Comment 

On August 6, 2014 the Restigouche River Lodge held its first youth day, with the idea of introducing ten youngsters to the Atlantic salmon. Along with the assistance of New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources the RRL hosted a group of ten children from the ages of 12 – 15 who were selected from a call in list advertised and received by radio stations CKNB and CIMS.

Youth Day

 The young fly fisherman arrived to the lodge at 7:30 am to a serving of muffins and juice with a special RRL hat inscribed to commemorate the day. Along with a gift bag from the Atlantic Salmon Federation, an ASF hat, one year subscription to the Atlantic Salmon Journal and other goodies. After having become a bit acquainted the day’s itinerary was presented. The 10 sports (a term referred to anglers that stay at a private lodge with guided fishing) were divided into two groups of five. The first group was off to the canoes and on the river for 4 hours of single rod guided fly fishing.

The other group of five began a series of workshops which included fly tying by DNR officer Denis Guitard. A seminar presented by David Leblanc on the Atlantic salmon life cycle, protection and conservation, live release and river educate. Fly casting lessons and a brief introduction to Atlantic salmon fly fishing was given by master fly casting instructor Jim Rusher. DNR officer Roger Selesse gave a seminar about the service of a DNR Ranger, fishing regulations, the reasons for regulations and how these regulations protect the wellbeing of Atlantic salmon and all wild life. He also spoke to the youngsters about boating safety and courtesy on the river.

 It was now time for the RRL girls to do their thing, they had spent two days preparing for the young guests and the adults present. The ten young sports took their seat in the lodge at the dining table just like the sports that come to the lodge to fish the Restigouche River. After eating their fill names were placed in a hat and all the young guests drew a prize from RRL stuff to gift certificates from local merchants listed that are below.

Those hungry fishers still had room for cake and ice cream, and what a cake it was complements of Lana and Caroline, what big hearts they have.


It was now time to draw the big prizes, three nice prizes an RRL hooded sweat shirt, RRL Wheatley Fly Box with eight salmon flies and a rod, reel fly line combo gifted from the New Brunswick Salmon Council.

Following the lunch break the groups switched and the morning activities were repeated.

At day’s end not one angler had managed a salmon, though some were spotted the warm conditions were a big factor. All of us grownup anglers should take a bit of the sprit from this group of young Atlantic salmon anglers. All the adults that prey on these fish should look deep inside them self and ask this question. Am I doing right by these KIDS and this majestic fish?

I have to thank the generous support from the partners of the Restigouche River lodge for financing this day, coming up with the idea is easy getting someone to take care of cost is another, thanks to my great bunch of partners.

At the conclusion of the day it was very rewarding to see a group of very cheerful sports departing from the lodge all with a big smiles on their face.youth day

Along with the support of the DNR, ASF, NBSC and all the local merchants that were very kind to participate. This day at the Restigouche River Lodge we believe that we all have accomplished our goal of introducing and recruiting a great group of young angles to the sport, conservation and future of the majestic Atlantic salmon.

New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources officers, Roger Selesse, Denis Guitard and Rino Martin

The Atlantic Salmon Federation and The New Brunswick Salmon Council

David Lablanec, title

Jim Rusher, Master Spey Casting Instructor

Our local participating merchants, Dixie Lee, Restigouche River Outfitters, Greco Pizza, Dairy Queen, Pro Nature and North Shore Cinema.

Our fantastic radio stations CKNB and CIMS for broadcasting the advertisements and conducting the contest to pick the participating youngsters.

This special day was covered and broadcast by CBC radio and television in English and French.

And of course we thank the group of young anglers that the RRL was delighted to host as guests on that hot August day. They will be the stewards and keepers of our Atlantic salmon Mr. and Mrs. Salmon you are in twenty good hands. It seems like the future of this great watershed and its extraordinary fish is assured, as long as we, the current stewards have the fortitude to make the tough and necessary decisions to insure the survival of Salmo Salar

Bill Hartnett, August, 2014




I want to congratulate you on the news item I heard recently….that you will be hosting ten youngsters from the area so they can learn what salmon fishing and the Restigouche River are all about. I was thrilled to learn of this initiative. I began fly fishing before I started school and was always annoyed that I could never legally fish salmon on the river I grew up on. My home was in a Dalhousie and I ran the various rivers many times with my Dad.

I hope that all goes well with this venture.  If there is anything I can do to help, do let me know.

Katharine Mott
ASCF Board member
ASF Board member


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