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The Restigouche River Lodge at this time can currently accommodate up to ten guests with double occupancy. The lodge features two guest cabins, one with two bed rooms and another has three bedrooms, all the bedrooms have double occupancy, each with a private bath. The camps also have a large living area. Meals are served in the main lodge were guests can gather at any time during the day. Coffee, drinks and baked goods are always available when you feel like a snack.

The partners of the Restigouche River Lodge are now in the planning stages of expanding our available occupancy at the lodge. It looks like we will be adding two cabins on the upper grounds. We are also considering an addition to the two bedroom camp. These projects are slated for 2015 and we are very anxious to begin construction. We also have a long list of other projects and renovations that are going to be put into action.

The addition of the cabins will enable the RRL to offer single occupancy during our prime weeks. With the expanded occupancy we will also have the flexibility to offer a verity of special weeks. Another benefit is that we can accommodate non-fishing guests during more weeks. This will enhance many of our guest’s trips. Accommodating your needs is high on our list so let us know how we can improve your experience. Remember the RRL’s staff is eager to take care of all your needs and provide you with a most enjoyable trip.